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Maximise your business potential with our simple, elegent and effective softwares. IT Solutions .

Elegent, Simple & Effective Softwares

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business.

We believe that technology is a necessary tool for social and economic progress. We also believe that technology should be simple to use, effective in solving the problem, and it should be affordable to those who need it. This is why we help businesses bring their solutions to the people by developing custom software for them to;

  • Optimise operations
  • Properly account for finances
  • Sell products on e-commerce websites

Currently we offer Simple Books which is software that does basic bookkeeping for small businesses in the retail, service and agriculture sector. Once the software is installed Simple Source keeps things running smoothly so that clients can focus on their businesses. Simple Source oversees security, regular server & app updates, performance monitoring, daily backups, maintenance of features & bug fixes.

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