Our products and services

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Bookkeeping & Accounting Software

Financial mismanagement is one of the leading causes for businesses to fail – don’t let yours fail. You can use our accounting solution which is easy to use if you can read and write – it’s called Simple Books.

Simple Websites

Let us help you sell your products online with a modern website thats optimised for phones and computer screens. Our elegant websites enable your clients to shop and pay for products using mobile money or debit card.

Custom Software

We can help you optimise your business systems and processes by developing a solution uniquely designed for your operation. Our experience includes delivery management software, customer relations software, and solutions to automate certain tasks.

Technical Consultation

If you have technical glitches and decisions to make about your repairs or upgrades, we’re here to help. Our 10 years of developing technical solutions makes us very comfortable when we make decisions that can affect your organisation for years. Consult with us.

Cloud Services

We can help you improve your current software systems by ensuring that your data is securely backed up using a cloud service, if it currently is not. We also help you migrate your system to AWS, iPage, etc.

Hardware Setup & Installation

We can help you set up your hardware to make sure your storage drives are encrypted, your network connections are secure, and your data is safe.