Simple Books

A simple to use software for recording a businesses financial informaiton.

About Simple Books

Simple Books is a desktop web and mobile application that stores financial records for businesses. It follows accounting standards without requiring the user to have any accounting knowledge.

Simple Books was built with the understanding that not many people have advanced computer skills so it is very easy to use and removes complex and unnecessary features.

With Simple Books you can;
  • Create Quotations, Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders; etc
  • Bookkeeping & Financial Statements
  • Built in Point of Sale
  • Ease of Tax Compliance
  • Local support & Training
  • Daily Monthly & Quarterly Reports

Why Simple Books

Save Time and Money

Simple Books reduces the amount of time and money you spend on bookkeeping and accounting services by automating it.

Business Insights

Simple Books gives you accurate information about your business in terms of financial activity, sales, credit transactions, and tax.

Get the best support Eswatini

Simple Books, unlike other bookkeping software, is supported by us here in the kingdom of Eswatini. You don’t wait long to get the help you need.

A fully connected service

Simple Books works with most hardware and can integrate with other software if you need it to: cash drawers, scanners, printers, etc. If you use Simple Books, we can also help you with your financial and tax calculations.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Activities

With Simple Books, you don’t need to be specially qualified to understand your books and accounts. You simply read and write.

Transactional Activities

Simple Books enables you to conduct your normal transactions and only record them once: it automatically does double entry bookkeeping for all your normal income and expenditures.


  • Sell goods and services through Simple Books Point-of-Sale
  • Issue and receive invoices for credit transaction
  • Issue purchase orders and quotations
  • Upload / print receipts for transactions
  • Issue and receive credit notes

  • Review your general ledger accounts
  • Review your point of sale report
  • Review your income and expenditure
  • Review your input and output tax
  • Review your inventory report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simple Books is designed to work on Windows computers. An internet connection is advisable so that you can occasionally back up your data in case of an accident. Simple Books also connects with printers, scanners, and cash drawers if you use those in your operation.

  • If you’re worried about transitioning from your current bookkeeping system, we’re here to help you through the process – it takes no longer than a week to train your staff and transition your data into Simple Books.

  • Yes. Simple Books automatically calculates your value added tax (VAT) in and out. You can later review your tax report to understand your obligations or what’s due to you from Eswatini Revenue Authority (ERA).

  • If you can read and write, you can use Simple Books. Businesses which currently benefit from Simple Books include farms, shops, and office based businesses. Some have one person working in them, and others have more than one person making financial transactions. Simple Books is designed to work with all these kinds of organisations.

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